Collaboration with
African Universities

Event Topics

Internationalization of African Universities: Discover the opportunities and address the challenges

From April 1st to 5th, African universities will collaborate with Hellenic Mediterranean University and ATHENA European University at the Heraklion campus, building on the online activities from Erasmus Days 2023 organized by ATHENA. This series of meetings under the KA171 International Mobility, Capacity Building for Higher Education, and Virtual Exchange Calls aims to bolster global academic connections, enhance research, and encourage cultural exchange. Despite facing challenges such as resource constraints and potential brain drain, these partnerships offer substantial benefits. This initiative represents a strategic effort to elevate the international profile of African universities, fostering innovation and preparing students for a globally interconnected future.

New Technologies in Agriculture and Food Industry

The ATHENA European University’s Industry Task Team proudly presents a workshop on new technologies in the Agriculture and Food Industry on April 3rd-4th in Heraklion, Crete. This event aims to explore innovative approaches in sustainable farming, AI and machine learning applications, biotechnology for food security, and the impacts of climate change on agriculture. It offers researchers, industry experts, and policymakers a platform to discuss advancements and collaboration opportunities. Join us for a dynamic exchange of ideas to drive the agriculture and food sectors forward, fostering sustainability, productivity, and food safety in the European context.